Met Opera: Encore 2018


Releasing: September 15, 2018
Total Runtime: 2 hours, 19 minutes

Conducted by Paolo Carignani

Nina Stemme as Turandot
Marco Berti as Calāf
Anita Hartig as Lių
Alexander Tsymbalyuk as Timur

Directed by Barbara Willis Sweete

Turandot is based on a story found in a collection of stories recorded by François Pétis de la Croix: The Book of One Thousand and One Days

In ancient Beijing, the beautiful Princess Turandot vows that no man will ever marry her — seeking to avenge an ancestress who was brutally mistreated by a foreign prince, years ago. All who wish to marry her are given three riddles, and all who fail to answer are put to death (it’s a bit savage). Enter our hero Calaf, a deposed prince in hiding. On seeing Turandot, he is dazzled by her beauty and puts himself forward to face the deadly riddles, despite the pleas of his father Timur and servant girl Liù, who is (not so secretly) in love with him.

To Turandot’s horror, Calaf survives the challenges and wins the right to wed her. However, he decides to give the Princess one way out: if she can discover his name by the morning, she can execute him. Will Calaf’s true identity be learned, and what price will be paid for secrecy?.




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