Eden Is West

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Eden is West memorably captures the magical nature of the world one young man encounters where every experience is full of both promise and threat.

Just like in 'The Odyssey’, it is in the Aegean Sea that the adventures of Elias (Riccardo Scamacio) begin. A rusting trawler packed with clandestine men, women and children slowly approaches the bright lights of an emerging shore, and we may not know where they all began but we know where they hope they’re going: the West, an actual as well as mythical place. For Elias this will literally be Eden Club Paradise, the name of the resort at which he wakes up, and his extraordinary journey from there to reach Paris takes him across a microcosm of contemporary Europe. Gavras has crafted an epic story for our times, one full of heart, humour and wondrous complexities.

(Eden à l'Ouest, French title)